Galldris Value



  • Delivered advanced Weholite drainage
  • Installed concrete culverts for attenuation drainage
  • Utilised an advanced cooling system


Open-ended framework


This is the fourth year of an ongoing Framework with Carillion on the prestigious Argent development to construct roads, sewers, lorry parks and deep drainage.

In addition we are completing the groundworks for the Cooling Pod building and constructed S2 basement.

We are currently providing technical guidance at Kings Cross for the S1 Basement and Tunneling with the Consultant.

The S1 structure is built over two Thames Link Tunnels with a basement sitting alongside the tunnels. Our challenge is to work over and above live tunnels, to work alongside high-speed one/Network Rail and the restrictions they place on the works being carried out.

We have to work in crowded public areas with a range of additional contractors and ensure public safety at all times.

THE Galldris

Technical expertise defines our approach. We delivered advanced Weholite drainage; a plastic manhole system with pipe diameters of 400mm – 2000mm and manholes from 2.1m diameter. This was installed as an attenuation system for storm water.

We installed concrete culverts for attenuation drainage next to live network rail tunnels.

An advanced cooling system has been run from the new cooling pod to the other buildings currently being constructed on the Kings Cross development site.