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Galldris Value



Use of light weight polystyrene bridges to allow for the safe passage of construction plant between platforms


4 years


The project is a design and build NR12 contract for fourteen sites from Acton to Maidenhead on the Great Western line, thirteen of which include stations, plus staff accommodation at Maidenhead.

The modifications to the stations will accommodate the operation of the new 205m long Crossrail trains. It will increase station facilities, construct longer platforms and revise canopies, footbridges, lift and stair arrangements and so improve access for all. Power supplies, M&E, station information and surveillance systems will also be upgraded.

The key challenges are the size and scope of the project and managing the merging of the new design with existing services.

THE Galldris

Our approach was innovative from the start. Our use of light weight polystyrene bridges allowed for the safe passage of construction plant between platforms.

In an uncertain time frame, we liaised with the client on temporary works design to enable the safe passage of trains once possession work had been completed.


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