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Our team specializes in a variety of housing projects, from vast new apartment complexes and housing estates to high-value projects on listed properties. We partner closely with our clients to address a range of challenges, such as confined or intermittent access, noise and hazard requirements, and potential disruption in a current residential area. Our clients repeatedly choose us for our expertise and unwavering commitment to completing the job successfully.
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Galldris has a well-established reputation for its innovative and efficient solutions in the transport sector. We are proud to be a key contributor to some of the most challenging overground and underground rail projects in London, offering specialized expertise and bespoke solutions with our cutting-edge equipment. Our highways capabilities are extensive and range from drainage works, machine-laid surfacing, street furniture, and public lighting to winter maintenance and emergency services. Furthermore, our impact extends to the South East's airports, where we carry out significant projects such as fencing, ducting, and impact barrier systems. At these venues, we maintain the highest levels of security clearance and safety qualifications.


Our team specialises in working within safety critical industries and constrained environments. Whether it's an emergency response or scheduled maintenance, we have the necessary expertise, equipment, and experience to provide an appropriate solution. We take safety seriously and continuously review our performance to ensure that our workforce and the communities we serve remain safe and secure. Our team consists of highly trained and motivated individuals, and we utilize the latest technologies in plant and equipment to execute projects safely and sustainably. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are confident in our ability to deliver quality results within safety critical industries.
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Galldris has demonstrated success in civil projects at major UK Airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. The company is now seeking to expand its capacity in the Air sector. Notably, the recent project involved transforming a standard aviation hangar into a cutting-edge flight simulator training facility. The project involved various works, such as the installation of precast concrete components, demolition of existing hardstanding, construction of a new high-tolerance in-situ concrete slab with a high-tolerance polish finish, service and utilities installation, and external works.


Our team of experts collaborate closely with each client, taking into account their unique needs and goals to create customized solutions that maximize their resources and enhance the learning experience. We recognize the importance of creating learning spaces that inspire and engage students, while also emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to create safe, functional, and dynamic educational facilities that foster growth and success for generations to come.
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Retail & Commercial.

Galldris is well-equipped to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the retail industry. Our combined experience and focus on innovation allows us to provide cutting-edge retail development solutions. At Galldris, we pride ourselves on being efficient, effective, competitive, and innovative in our approach to tackling even the most complex commercial projects. Our dedication to excellence has earned us numerous high-value and prestigious contracts in the industry. We are committed to driving projects forward with our proactive problem-solving approach, delivering tangible results for our clients.

Health & Leisure.

The process of developing public facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories calls for adhering to specific constraints. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that we meet our client's needs by considering factors such as cost efficiency, timely development, health and safety, quality, and environmental impact. We offer a comprehensive range of services from start to finish and can work in partnership with your planning and design team. As the leisure industry continues to grow, our flexibility and ability to provide customized solutions have made us a highly sought-after partner.
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Working on contaminated sites, in hazardous conditions or within a challenging set of requirements demands an innovative approach and the ability to be flexible in the face of unexpected developments. Our combination of failsafe effective planning, an insistence on the most highly trained personnel and a ready supply of state-of-the-art equipment means we are fully equipped to meet our clients’ needs.


We work with some of the best known and most highly regarded names in the industry. We’re proud that we are able to build good working relationships that endure.